Q - I am concerned that I do not have the level of fitness to complete the bootcamp.

A - The bootcamp is suitable for all levels of fitness. You will recieve just the right amount of motivation from the instructor but you are the only one who truely knows your level of fitness. Work at your own pace and enjoy the activities!


Q - What if I cant do the exercises in the bootcamp?

A - The instructor, Dave Mitchell is a fully qualified fitness instructor and he will guide you through each exercise showing you the correct techique.


Q - How will I know if I am improving?

A - A fitness test will be conducted during the bootcamps on a regular basis. Re tests are carried out aound 6 weeks later and will give you a good idea as to how well you are doing.


Q - The bootcamps seem to have weights included in the rountines. I do not want big muscles!

A - In order to stay in  great shape you must engage in three types of exercise. Cardio, Strength training and flexibilty. Strength training is a vital component in building lean muscle (not big) . Lean muscle increases your metabolic rate (how fast you burn calories). This means you will be melting fat even whilst sitting down!