Self defence Training

Dave Mitchell is a 2nd Degree Black Belt in traditional Jujitsui and was trained by 7th Dan Peter Clarke and graded by 9th Dan Master Terry Wingrove. He has siginficant degrees of competence in various disaplines such as Karate and Aikido and has been practicing martial arts for over 25 years. 

All training is conducted at his home gym in Sellicks Beach and is suitable for all fitness levels and abilities.


1 hour session 

1 on 1 $35

2 on 1 $40

3 on  1 $45

Gradings - $20 plus session price - includes belt and certificate

  What you will learn

  • Striking and blocking techniques 
  • How to break a fall
  • Form 1 Aikido techniques (wrist)
  • Arm locks and escapes
  • Escapes from grabs and strangles
  • How to apply Pressure points
  • Randori (free practice)
  • Defences from headlocks
  • Defences from 3 and 2 on 1
  • Choking and strangling techniques
  • Hold downs
  • Take downs
  • Defences from knife attacks
  • Throwing techniques
  • Escapes from garrotting
  • Ground work
  • Defences from kicks on the ground
  • Leg locks