Struggle with food? Open your mind to Intermittent Fasting (IF)!


Ok, up until the age of 30 I had always struggled with my eating habits and my weight finally managing to achieve a massive 40 inch waist. Recognising a need for change, I took up running on a regular basis and lost quite a bit of weight but it was hard work and took a long time. I had also been doing resistance training from the age of 15 but it was the running which helped me achieve a fat percentage within a reasonable range. There was however still the issue of my diet and I later identified that two major problems still existed.

Number 1: I had been addicted to sugar for all my life and never even realised it. Since a very young age I had been overindulging in sugary foods and I continued into my adult years. You know the routine, I need to eat every 2-3 hours or my 'sugar levels' will drop, and the massive high and low after consuming sugary foods. Remember, sugar comes in many disguises, fructose, lactose, dextrose.......anything ending in 'ose' is basically sugar! 

Number 2: My body had become accustomed to eating 6 times a day and like many of us, I believed that breakfast was the most important meal of the day and it 'kick started' my metabolism. As soon as I felt hungry I had to react by eating, then soon enough afterwards I would be hungry again. Very frustrating, inconvenient and expensive!


So, back in 2002 I came across a book called The Warrior Diet by Ori Hofmekler. I read the first page which instructed me to skip breakfast and adopt a controlled fasting state throughout the day and then have one massive meal in the evening. Now this guy is ripped and so I thought, why not, give it a try. People are gonna think I am weird but what the hell (and I was right). So I gave it a go and sure enough I lost weight but man it was a struggle. It took some serious discipline to keep to the fast (which you can eat fruit and veggies through the day) but when the big meal came around I was ravenous and I ate a lot of crap afterwards. I roughly followed this way of eating right up until 2017. However there was still issue 1 in play, I was still addicted to sugar and this was the key to moving to the next level, an easier level.


In October 2018, I had just bought my regular Chai latte from Maccas and I had heard someone say about trying it with some hazelnut syrup in it so I gave it a go. Ten minutes after finishing it I had the weirdest experience, my eyesight went funny and sections of my vision was missing which really concerned me. It then returned to normal after 30 minutes. I looked into what had just happened and it turned out that the high sugar and artificial flavourings had caused a visual migraine. I then saw a social media post (thanks Deb) which highlighted the effects of high sugar consumption and I soon realised that I had all the negative effects. Energy fluctuation, headaches, sweating and shaking after so many hours in my under eating phase (controlled fast). So I commenced my research by watching piles of videos and reviewing numerous reports. One video which really hit home for me was the documentary 'That Sugar Film' and in particular two sections. The first section was research ON how many teaspoons of sugar were in a typical breakfast consumed by Australians. You know the set up, a bowl of 'Start Right', apple juice and some yogurt, sounds healthy right...................nope......23 TEASPOONS OF SUGAR! The second eye opener for me was that if supermarkets were to remove all the products from their shelves which contained refined sugar......80% of their shelves would be empty! You only have to walk into any convenience store these days and see what sells and what sort of foods we are addicted to.

This got me thinking, what if I were to only consume foods which did not feature some form of sugar in the first 4 ingredients, that includes everything, sauces, drinks etc. So I gave it a go and lo and behold all the little niggles that I had before disappeared after a couple of weeks. I lost 4 kgs and felt far healthier, no more energy slumps, no shaking, no headaches.

I continued my research on 'IF' and found details a number of dedicated Youtube channels (in video section). Whilst adapting my eating pattern to one meal a day, I continued to be Desa-lined in sugar intake. This resulted in further fat loss, increased muscle mass and I was finding my body had adapted within a couple of weeks. I am now under 10% body fat for the first time in my life. 

I was so passionate about 'IF' I decided to study it and gained a diploma so I could spread the word. I would encourage anyone who wants to lose fat and gain numerous health benefits to give it a go. 


So check out the FAQ, meal plans and videos in this section and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to help you on your 'IF' journey!

The obligatory before and after photos. The left is taken before adapting to 'IF' way of life and the right well and truly into it...........8Kgs lighter whilst maintaining muscle mass. Never felt better believe me!